About Us


Our Team

UrPosture is a Canadian owned and activated business that trades a vast range of Human posture-related products. In a relationship with Canadian health care providers, the organizers of UrPosture recognized a need for products that are designed specifically to improve and support the posture of women, Men, and Children.


Our team knows the unique needs and important challenges Men, women and children face in their structures during the course of different stages in their life. From growing bodies, puberty, teenagers, adult life, pregnancy, and the elderly to a range of activities that may involve sitting, repetitive work, sports, and more.



Our Mission

Our mission is to help prevent, improve and treat the posture of People by proposing educational information and a collection of high quality, posture-related products.



Important Information

Our goal is to keep costs as low as possible and as a result, we send products right from the manufacturers. This means that utmost orders are shipped within 1-4 days from the US, China, and Australia. Please note that this means shipping times could take up to 16-20 days conditional on the original dispatch location.  For more information on your inquiries please email info@urposture.com



Our Product Range & Quality

Our customers are on driving seat. They decide which products we sell, and which products we reject. We introduce new products every month and we always ask for feedback on the comfort levels and effectiveness of each new item. Items that our customers consider to be low quality, uncomfortable or ineffective are removed from our store collection. For more information please contact us at info@urposture.com.